Acorn is the ultimate
fee management system
for K-12 school districts.
Acorn School Fee Management is a software solution that allows users to define fees, assess students, bill parents, and collect payments. By synchronizing with your Student Information System, Acorn keeps up-to-date with all aspects of a student account, from demographic information and team memberships, to student schedules and class enrollment.
All schools collect fees.
Capture every dollar.

ACORN School Fee Management gives you the flexibility to bill for course fees, tuition, textbook rentals, yearbooks, field trips, events, bus passes, donations, fundraising, and more.

With Acorn, school districts gain more control:

  • Maximize
  • Increase
  • Synchronize
  • Save
  • Personalize
  • Facilitate
How acorn works
  • 1
    Get Student Data
  • 2
    Define School Fees
  • 3
    Bill Students
  • 4
    Collect Payments
  • 5
    Print Reports
a closer look:
  • 1
    Get Student Data
  • 2
    Define School Fees
  • 3
    Bill Students
  • 4
    Collect Payments
  • 5
    Print Reports
How acorn works
Get Student Data
Acorn synchronizes with your Student Information System (SIS) to retrieve all relevant data about your school, students, schedules and courses.

Define School Fees
We work closely with schools and districts to develop a transparent fee infrastructure. You determine what to charge, how a fee should behave, and who it should apply to. Acorn takes care of the rest with automated fee assessment.

Bill Students​
Now it's time to send invoices home to parents or display fees online. Our student account statements are easy to read and can be emailed to parents to save on paper.

Collect Payments
As payment transactions are recorded, Acorn automatically creates detailed entries in student account histories, batches and General Ledger accounts, efficiently balancing the books of every school

Print Reports
As the money is collected and the school year progresses, you can generate different reports by fee, student, GL account or batch. Reports can be generated at the school and district level.

Why Acorn?
What makes Acorn different from other solutions?
Comprehensive School Fee Management
Acorn handles school fee management from beginning to end. It takes care of fee definitions, student assessment, student billing, payment collection and distribution of funds. Other products on the market may provide some of these features, but no other software provides a complete solution like Acorn.

Automated Fee Assessment
Acorn is unique because it synchronizes with the data in your Student Information System. Fees are automatically added, adjusted, prorated, or waived according to changes in your student enrollment and scheduling.

Automated General Ledger Account Allocation
Acorn takes care of all the back-end accounting activities with automatic batch and GL account allocation. As payments, refunds, and transfers occur, Acorn creates detailed financial entries and distributes funds to the appropriate accounts.
Cash Basis Accounting
Our system is built upon the principles of cash basis accounting, in that school revenue is recorded only when payments are actually received and not when fees are assessed. Because schools, schedules and students are constantly in flux, we build flexibility into our program to ensure that every dollar is accounted for.

Easy to Use and Easy to Understand
Previous accounting experience is not required to use Acorn. Our program was designed exclusively for school and district users. Our intuitive interface, excellent documentation, and friendly support staff make sure you have everything you need to efficiently manage your school fees.

Powerful features simplified

Acorn comes fully loaded with powerful features that help school users and district management increase their efficiency and maximize their resources.

  • Integration with any Student Information System (Pearson PowerSchool, eSIS, SRB Trillium, Infinite Campus, Follett Aspen, and more)
  • Grades, courses, sections, groups and teams synchronized into Acorn
  • Detailed reports that export to PDF, XLS, CSV, RTF, TXT
  • Easy-to-read student account statements that can be emailed to parents
  • District and school level fee structure
  • Cash basis accounting
  • Automatic and multiple GL account allocation
  • Option to forgive or carry forward outstanding student balances
  • Payments, refunds, and transfers that are grouped into batches
  • Fee waivers and exemptions based on group membership
  • Prorate fees automatically based on date range or days enrolled in an activity
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Data exports to external accounting software
  • District monitoring of school activity and GL accounts
  • District and school-level reporting
  • Standardized fee infrastructure
  • Parent online account management
  • Merchant Account management and reporting

Acorn Main Console
  • Barcode-assisted payment entry
  • Automatic payment ranking
  • NSF payment processing & recovery
  • Overpayments
  • Automated transfer of funds between fees
  • Refunds and mass refunds
  • Payment batches that match your bank deposits
  • Role-based user group security
  • PCI Compliant certification by Trustwave® to process credit card information
  • VeriSign SSL certificates to maintain secure and fully encrypted transactions
  • All data hosted on servers at a SSAE 16 Type II and CSAE 3416 certified off-site data center
Save valuable time and money.
Specialized Solutions for Schools
We specialize in school fee management. Many schools consider using a ‘fee management module’ in their Student Information System, or even a ‘school edition’ of their commercial accounting software.  Why not consider a solution developed exclusively for schools?

Facilitate Standardization
Acorn allows districts to create a standardized fee infrastructure while still maintaining any desired level of school autonomy. You set the rules, and Acorn puts them into consistent practice by automating student billing, fee collection, and payment allocation.

Maximize School Resources
Capture every dollar in collections and revenue with automated fee assessment and ensure that school funds do not slip through the cracks.

Increase financial transparency
By eliminating manual calculations and automating financial transactions, schools reduce the risk of fraud by increasing accuracy, transparency and accountability.

District Management
Districts have the ability to monitor all activity in Acorn from a global view as well as a school-level view.  With the Acorn District Manager application, district staff can monitor all the way down to individual fees and department GL accounts.

Save valuable time
Save countless hours over the school year by eliminating manual calculations and manual postings to accounts.  Acorn does all the heavy lifting for you by taking care of all the back-end accounting with automated batch and GL allocation.

  • Acorn is a great system that is very easy to start using. We had lots of questions, but the client support team was always there to give us their time and to walk us through any questions we had.
    – Cathy N
    Lineville Intermediate School
    Howard-Suamico, WI
  • Since using Acorn, our school has increased its revenue every year.
    – Sandi G
    Matthew McNair High School
    Richmond, BC
  • Acorn has REVOLUTIONIZED our textbook rental process by eliminating handwritten receipts and reducing the amount of cash and checks handled by our staff.
    – Christi C
    Carmel Clay Schools
    Carmel, IN