Leaf is the ultimate textbook management system for K-12 school districts.
Leaf is a comprehensive textbook and resource management solution that provides K-12 schools with a more efficient way to circulate and track instructional materials. Our system integrates seamlessly with the data in your Student Information System and the fee structure in Acorn, allowing Leaf to continuously manage all aspects of school inventory, from checkouts, returns and re-grades to damage deposits and fines.
With Leaf, schools are always in the know about:
How leaf works
  • 1
    Get Student Data
  • 2
    Import Titles & Barcodes
  • 3
    Assign Course Requirements
  • 4
    Distribute Books and Resources
  • 5
    Assign Late and Lost Book Fines
a closer look:
  • 1
    Get Student Data
  • 2
    Import Titles & Barcodes
  • 3
    Assign Course Requirements
  • 4
    Distribute Books and Resources
  • 5
    Assign Late and Lost Book Fines
How leaf works
Get Student Data
Leaf synchronizes with your Student Information to retrieve all relevant data about your school, students, schedule, and courses.

Import Titles and Barcodes
Load your book titles and barcodes into the system. With the click of a mouse, you can import a file that will tell Leaf the title, barcode, ISBN, department, location and cost of every book and e-device at your school.

Assign Course Requirements
Assign specific textbook requirements to grades, groups, courses, and classes. Teachers and Department Heads can be given access to Leaf so they can determine which learning materials their students require.

Distribute Books and Resources
Now you're ready to start distributing books and other materials to students. You can check books out centrally or you can have teachers check books out in their classroom. It's up to you how you want to circulate school inventory.

Assign Late and Lost Book Fines
When courses end and books become due, they are automatically recalled from students. Daily late fines and replacement cost fees can be added to accounts if learning materials are not returned on time and in good condition.

Why Leaf Textbook Management?
Leaf protects school resources.
Studies show that an average sized district of 10,000 students loses anywhere between 5% and 10% of their textbook inventory in a single year. This represents $150,000 to $300,000 in lost resources – precious funds that could be allocated toward areas of greater need.

With Leaf Textbook Management, your school can streamline the circulation and tracking of instructional material to ensure that students have access to the resources that are necessary for success.

What makes Leaf different from other market solutions?
Read below to learn more about its core functionality.


Know the status and location of all textbooks and other loaned assets at all times. Avoid the stockpiling of books and unnecessary replacement costs.


Fines for late, lost or damaged textbooks are assessed automatically based on custom class requirements and user-defined criteria. Automated fines decrease the number of late and damaged textbooks.


Whether your school has a centralized or teacher checkout system, Leaf simplifies the time consuming tasks of checkout, returns, and re-grading the condition of books and materials.


Leaf integrates with data in your Student Information System. Student accounts are automatically created and textbooks are requested. If a student leaves a class, the books are immediately due and recalled.

Powerful features, simplified.
  • Quick checkouts and returns
  • Quality and damage re-grading
  • Barcode technology
  • Room and location assignment
  • Department assignment
  • Temporarily Out of Service options
  • Out of Catalogue options
  • Easily lend books to other schools
  • Late, Lost, Specific Damage, Excessive Wear and Tear
  • Overdue to Lost status changes
  • Found Book fine reversal
  • Fines linked to general ledger accounts
  • Automatic book recall for dropped courses
  • Classroom checkout by teachers,
  • Book Room distribution
  • Central distribution
  • Keyless entry for checkouts
  • Easy forecasting for purchase orders
  • School summaries
  • Teacher, class, course, and section summaries
  • Department summaries
  • Location inventory
  • Due books
  • Course requirements
  • Student account summaries
Save valuable time and money.
With automated inventory tracking, schools can avoid the stockpiling of books and prevent unnecessary replacement costs by reallocating resources instead of buying more.

Checkouts and returns are fast and easy, saving countless hours of staff and student time.

Know the status and location of all textbook and loaned assets at any given moment, putting you in greater control of school inventory.

Books and resources become due immediately after a class is dropped or completed, allowing for higher levels of accountability from students, parents, and staff.

Textbook ordering and distribution are streamlined with consistent tracking and inventory processes.

Join the hundreds of schools saving
money with leaf Textbook Management!

  • Leaf pays for itself
    after recovering only
    a handful of additional
    textbooks per year...
  • At any given time, we know exactly how many textbooks of each title we have and where they are located.
    – Sandi G
    Matthew McNair High School
    Richmond, BC
  • My start up and year end process has been simplified immensely allowing me the extra time I need for further administrative demands.